Tightening the abdomen

Tightening the abdomen

The belly circumference is the weight condition that has the most fat accumulation and discomfort in people. Even in regular sports, it is very difficult to burn fat in the abdominal area. Lubrication in the abdomen is a stressful situation for men as well as women. Especially for those who plan a vacation in the summer, fats around the abdomen pose a different problem.

Everyone wants to enter the summer and vacation with a fit body. The most important area for a fit body is the abdominal circumference. The appearance of abdominal muscles, called baklava in men, and the structure of the abdomen with a flat and impressive appearance are desired in women. Abdominal compression could be done with very long exercises. However, in today's technology, tiring and time consuming efforts are on the shelf.

It is an operation that should be done by specialist physicians in abdominal compression procedures. In the abdominal compression operation, first of all, physicians must perform the whole body analysis of the patient and the values ​​must be known exactly. It is necessary to determine the regions on the body in detail, and in what regions the patient wants to form.

The areas to be operated on the body are mapped by drawing. How much oil is taken from which region is determined before the operation. The patient (the person to whom the operation will be performed for the physician is considered a patient) is raised before and after the operation. In some cases, the patient may be asked to perform some applications for the operation (diet, exercise, medications used).

With the abdominal compression process, excess fats in the body are removed and the abdomen is shaped properly. As a result, the abdominal compression procedure is an operation. For this reason, it is not recommended to perform heavy and strenuous sports activities after abdominal compression. It is important to stay away from exercises that require weight lifting, such as bodybuilding.

Completing the prescription and documentation programs given by the physician will shorten the time required to return to normal life. Moreover, when abdominal compression operations are performed by specialist physicians, they are completed in a short time and the patients are discharged on the same day.

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