Genital aesthetics

Genital aesthetics

Looking good is a matter of concern for everyone, men or women. For this reason, people have used various ways to show themselves better throughout the history. Today, there are more effective ways to look more beautiful. The most well-known of these is, of course, plastic surgery. Thanks to these surgeries, it is possible to have the desired face or body shape in a short time. Especially the aesthetic surgeries preferred by women help women overcome the psychological problems experienced by women who do not find themselves beautiful and interesting.

The word genital aesthetics means aesthetics done in genital areas. In the genital area, there are reproductive organs in both men and women. Vagen, large and small lips and hymen are sections of the genital area. Aesthetic disorders in these regions reduce the self-confidence of the woman and cause her sexual weakening. For this reason, plastic surgery is performed in these regions.

What You Need to Know About Genital Aesthetics.
The genital aesthetic surgeries to be performed in the genital area are performed using different techniques. Interventions to large and small lips are called labioplasty. In these regions, sagging, bumps and image defects that occur over time are tried to be eliminated with this method.

Vaginoplasty is performed on the vagina, as the name suggests. It can be performed surgically, or it can be done in a shorter time by laser.

Apart from these methods, issues such as hymen planting and repair of postpartum scars are also under the umbrella of genital aesthetics.

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