Facelift procedure is known as face lift operation among the people. As the age progresses, gravity, sun factor, stress and loss of skin elasticity due to age, etc. situations, wrinkling our face and sagging our skin becomes inevitable. Many changes occur on the face, the food hangs, cheeks and chin begin to collapse, deep lines form between the mouth and nose, crow's feet begin to appear around the eyes. With Güneş Medical Clinic, we made it possible to reduce or stop these symptoms seen in everyone who ages with their natural process and to have a better skin. You can have the face lift operation done in our reliable clinic with our specialist doctors.

What Methods Are Applied?
The aging process of each patient is different. Some patients may be disturbed by the gut area, some patients by eye or wrinkle around the lips. For this reason, we target different regions in the change we will make on the face of all our patients. We perform face lift operations with infrared laser, strings and a light-emitting fractional technology that treats along a single wave. This technology fights wrinkles, the 2nd and 3rd dimension of aging, and improves tissue quality.
In other words, it takes its place as a better and stronger alternative to the classic hanging face lifting operation. So when it comes to rejuvenation, everyone knows the importance of laser technology. Because the human face is aged in three dimensions, that is, it sags first, then wrinkles, and finally the tissue quality is lost. The basic building blocks, which make the skin look young, decrease and disappear over time. Therefore, as Güneş Medical Clinic, we provide facelift application for our valued patients to feel better and stop aging.

  • 6-10 Hours Operation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Highest Density
  • Professional Team

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