Male chest surgery

Male chest surgery

Growth and deformities caused by various reasons in men's breasts have a negative effect on their appearance. Male breast surgery, also called gynecomastia, is an operation performed to bring breasts to normal sizes, usually for men with larger breasts than normal. In our clinic, this surgery is performed by our specialists who are experts in their fields and known for their success in the industry, using the latest techniques. Our clinic is branded in the sector not only with successful operations but also in the implementation of hygiene conditions. We lead the sector with 100% customer satisfaction rates, which we achieved clinically in operations. We perform male chest surgery at the most affordable price for everyone to benefit from all our applications.

The most important reason for performing these operations is the excessive size of the breasts of men. As a result of the examination and examination performed by our specialists, the causes of breast enlargement of men are generally determined as follows;

Growth after hormonal changes during adolescence and breasts do not recover
Breast growth due to the side effects of the drugs
Breast growth due to excessive weight gain
Although rare, growth in breasts due to tumor formations
This growth also has four phases. These are as follows;

In the first phase, there was not much skin sagging and the breast grew slightly.
In the second phase, there was no sagging of the skin and the breast reached the size of the adult woman.
In the third phase, sagging has occurred because the breast skin and tissue have become loose.
In the fourth phase, it took the appearance of a saggy female breast.

The type of surgery that we will perform in our clinic is decided as a result of our examinations and examinations. Our specialists usually apply liposuction for the growths in the first two stages, and use the tissue removal method in the other stages. Our operations are performed under general anesthesia and around 2.5 hours. After the operation, we have a special corset and we lay our patients in our clinic one day and send them to their homes if there is no problem.

We recommend our patients to rest for the first three days after surgery. We recommend that we use the painkillers we give for pain formations, in line with our recommendations. The bruises and swellings of our patients, who should not remove the corset that we provide for three weeks day and night, decrease from two weeks. If excess weight is not gained, the problem is not repeated as a result of our operations.

  • 6-10 Hours Operation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Highest Density
  • Professional Team

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