DHI Unshaved hair transplant

DHI Unshaved hair transplant

DHI unshaved hair transplantation technique has been used frequently and successful in recent years. Its English equivalent means Direct Hair Implant. It is a technique that can be used in both women and men without the need to cut hair at zero levels.
In the case of single and double clusters, the previously taken roots are placed in the pens through the separation procedure and the hair transplantation process with the desired frequency is completed in a single application, depending on the experience of the team. As a result, you do not need to have more than one application.

Root intake:
The hair follicles are taken painlessly under local anesthesia thanks to 1mm thin needles from the donor area and removed one by one. After the hair follicles are separated, single and double roots are kept in special solution containers.

Root placement:
In Dhi hair transplantation technique, without the need for grooving procedure, with the tool named “implanter”, hair roots are placed one by one with the needles 1mm across, and the roots are placed at the desired angle and depth.

Hair follicles provide 100% natural results and vitality after settling with correct exit angles and depths. The transplanted hair will not be lost for life and will grow in time. The direction plan of the roots to be planted reflects 100% natural results in order to provide full control of the placement angle. The hair root cells with 90% viability in DHI unshaved hair transplantation technique are taken and the roots have a long-term life guarantee. During the operation, hair follicles that grow and progress throughout life are preferred and the patient is placed in the roots.

More root cultivation can be done per square centimeter. According to the Fue technique, faster recovery is observed. The hair does not need to be cut to zero before the operation. Since the roots are placed directly with pens, it does not create trauma and scar on the skin. Not only hair transplantation, but also beard, mustache and most preferred transplantation can be done. Because the fine-tipped needles are used and the operation is done with a pencil, the hair outlets look more natural since they are determined more smoothly. If you do not have enough roots in your head, hair transplantation can be done with the roots taken from different parts of the body. Hairs detected from the chest and beard area can also be reinforced to the roots that are owned.

  • 6-10 Hours Operation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Painless
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Highest Density
  • Professional Team

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