Nose job

Nose job

Nose surgery is among the most frequently used operations in the field of aesthetics. Before and after the operation, the doctor guides the patient step by step. There are also points to be considered before the operation, as well as points to attract attention after the nose surgery. Our surgeons inform patients about everything.

Contrary to popular belief, it is an easy operation. The hospital can be left on the same day after the operation. Pain can be felt after nose surgery as well as after each surgery. This is a natural process. But; this pain is not as severe as expected. Because, after the operation, it is not possible for the patient to feel pain after the operation since local anesthesia is performed under the membrane and bone surrounding the cartilage. There may be swelling on the cheeks and detention bags. With that; bruises may appear on the eyelids. All these situations disappear within two weeks at the latest. In total, the patient is completely back to normal at the end of the first month after the operation. In the first year, the nose is fully seated.

There may be certain complications after each operation, as well as after nasal surgery. For example; infection occurrence, nosebleeds, risks arising from anesthesia and vascularization in the back of the nose. After the nose surgery, there is no scar on the nose. Nose surgeries are performed with very successful results. Both in terms of aesthetics and health, the patient can perform its operation safely.

The operation is carried out in times of health and visual disturbances. It is generally used when it is visually disturbing. It is applied to correct the shape of the nose.

First of all, the patient is anesthetized. In open rhinoplasty procedure, incisions are made from the tip of the nose and incisions from the inside. The cartilage in the tip of the nose is corrected from these cuts.

Non-surgical nasal aesthetics can be applied in the nasal arches that are not very obvious or disturbing. And also; Some applications can also be made for patients who are afraid of surgery and do not look warm on the operation. Nose aesthetics without surgery; filling applications. Nose Tip Botox, Rope Nose Tip Lifting are applications such as. The nose belt is filed. Bones are joined. Narrowing occurs in the nose. All procedures that need to be done both in terms of health and aesthetics of the nose are performed with open rhinoplasty.

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